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manage your best asset:  your people
Effective Human Resource Management has been proven to increase employee morale and overall job satisfaction within any organization and will yield greater productivity.
Organizations are placing an increased focus on the development and selection of key talent.  Acumin-HR provides firms with effective human resource management tools leveraging production level information for timely reporting on workload in relationship to the development of key talent.  Accurately identifying high-performing members is critically important when it comes to managing change, in an increasingly competitive global environment. Organizations are recognizing the increased demands placed on management and are now using the right tools to assess an employee’s ability to withstand the pressures of their jobs and careers. Acumin HR allows firms to securely store and manage critical and confidential employee and attorney / lawyer information all within the firm's Financial Accounting database.

human resource management

  • Ability to track all HR related information about your employees including coordinates and history,
  • Critical Dates (Candidacy, hiring, probation and termination,
  • Critical benchmarks (1 year, 5 year ...),
  • Special dates (birthday, anniversary dates etc.),
  • Salary and benefit information,
  • Participation in health and wellness programs,
  • Career development,
  • Job performance information and documentation (Case Journal),
  • Document links (performance evaluations, employment contracts, forms..),
  • Employee portal with the opportunity to self-update of personal information, and
  • HR professional notification of changes, review and approval process.

benefit enrolment and administration

  • Automates the process involved for the Human Resource Professional and the participating employee,
  • Reduces redundant data entry resulting in a reduction of paperwork and associated costs,
  • Employees will be able to review their benefit choices without having to meet with the Benefit's Administrator, and
  • Includes the easy set-up of enrolment options which are then monitored for participation

vacation and attendance management 

  • Time keeping for non-timekeepers in order to capture task based activities in relation with performance objectives,
  • Leave Management to effectively track and manage employee leave options such as vacation, sick days, personal days etc.
  • Vacation requests,
  • Vacation conflict results based on firm rules, vacation days available, and
  • HR Professional review and request approval process. 

hr functionality

  • Time management tool (finance component),
  • Rules, triggers and actions,
  • Budgeting and Full Time Equivalent (FTE) values,
  • Firm defined process checklists (hiring, probation and termination etc.), and
  • Automatic alerts for managers and / or critical parties to be notified of issues or exceptions that need their or approval via workflow.


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