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Business Intelligence in a Law Firm


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There is a familiar adage in management, "you cannot manage what you cannot measure".  Buisness intelligence supports a performance management measurement system that integrates from independant data systems aligning company activities in areas such as finance, HR, operations and client services.  Until the advent of Business Intelligence, Law Firm Executives were frequently burdened with excessive amounts of detailed data, but little in the way of strategic information.  Today, decision makers can analyse mission-critical information quickly and effectively.  With Dexco's colour-coded charts, users can successfully illustrate business trends, make comparisons and highlight exceptions.

By providing aggregate information in meaningful perspectives - highlighting the areas requiring attention, Dexco's BI tools strengthen the firm's analytical and decision making capabilities.  Through interactive models, leaders secure valuable insight into underlying causes for the organization's performance, transforming data into actionable information needed for achieving firm objectives.
Dexco's suite of Business Intelligence tools, takes you beyond traditional operational reporting, facilitating the transformation of data sources into meaningful, actionable information resources.
Employing our collaborative implementation approach, Dexco's Business Intelligence team works with management reviewing current metrics and historical performance, business process and existing parameters to identify the key metrics needed to drive effective decision-making for results that are aligned with strategy.  By developing highly intuitive, visual analytics to monitor trends, make "what-if" scenarios, highlight exceptions, view metrics from a variety of perspectives and efficiently interpret and communicate results; decision makers will gain the necessary insight needed for strategy execution.

                       Business Intelligence - What does it really mean?


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