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Choose the features that you need, when you need them.

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A fully integrated solution, choose the features that best suit your environment today and add new functionalities when the need arises.  Acumin components are activated within the firm’s database, not “bolted” on so technology is consistent, seamless and functional with minimal IT integration.


 Standard Features

  • Embedded  workflow and language tools
  • Multi-jurisdictional sales tax compliancy 
  • Embedded drill-down, drill-through and export to Excel functionality
  • Business process management (BPM) tools
  • Firm-defined configuration models
  • User defined options, preferences & favorites
  • Inter-office operability
  • Global accounting & foreign currency management
  • Multi-dimensional reporting options, custom report set-up & personalized report packages
  • Budgeting modules
  • Foreign currency billing rate management
  • Robust general ledger account logic
  • Accounts payable, expense report and petty cash management
  • Expense reports and petty cash management
  • Trust accounting & investment management
  • Unlimited fee and receipt allocation schemas
  • Client disbursement management
  • Fixed Asset Management  (Optional)
  • Revenue and work in progress management tools
  • Flexible invoice layout engine
  • Uniform task based billing (eBilling)  (Optional)
  • Paperless billing process
  • Accounts receivable and collections management.

practice managemenT
  • Microsoft Office integration
  • Time capture, task, to-do's and limitation dates
  • File management – cradle to grave
  • Rule-based settings for status change management
  • Client and/or matter dashboards
  • File opening and closing process
  • Potential legal and/or business conflict process
  • Referral management (received and granted)
  • Engagement letter process
  • Client verification & identification,
  • Client relationship management (CRM)
  • Time capture, tasks and case notes
  • Advanced Timers
  • Frameworks for repetitive processes
  • Limitation and other important dates
  • Rule-based automated email notifications.


              What do our clients say? 

We have taken full advantage from the features of Acumin and look forward to the deployment of new processes as the financial management aspects of law firms and the underlying business processes continue to evolve”. 


acumin.web (Optional)

  • Time entries and case notes via the web
  • Draft Invoice review
  • Expense reporting
  • Payment approvals
  • Client Matter File inquiry
  • Attorney /lawyer dashboards, statistics and analytics
  • Limitation dates, To-Do's and appointments
  • Direct synchronization with your firm's database, and
  • Fully integrated with no third party interface.


  • Monitor & track desktop activities & rebuild daily timesheets
  • Supports key connections (MS Office, exchange etc.)
  • Blocks irrelevant activities
  • Reconciles existing time entries
  • User definable and fully secure.


Matter planning (Optional) 

Improve matter planning processes by easily creating a standard matter plan or clone matters

  • Establish a detailed budget
  • Fixed fee assignment
  • Allocate personnel
  • Store client guidelines
  • Manage client expectations.


business development (Optional)

  • Tracking personal business plans
  • Managing the pipeline
  • Leads, prospects and prospective clients
  • Matter planning and engagement
  • Email blasts, mail lists & newsletters
  • Proposal management
  • Event costing and management
  • Enhanced referral processes and measures
  • Business development analytics.


Automated workflow (Optional)

Managing business processes, user-requests and the granting of approvals:

  • Automate key business processes with an integrated workflow process builder & modeller
  • Incorporate system generated emails for approval requests or need-to-know information with relevant web-access to support the recipient in managing the outcome.



  • Human Resource & Capital Management