Acumin provides law firms and other professional service organizations with a completely integrated ERP solution that takes advantage of a very flexible modular foundation.  Acumin enables a partnered responsiveness to changing business conditions, new business imperatives, and evolving technology all in accordance with firm objectives. With powerful functionality, reliability, and scalability, Acumin is ideally suited for the most simple to the most complex firms.

Exceptional product and services, Acumin delivers.

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Benefits of Acumin:

  • A fully integrated and scalable solution whose features can be selected to suit the policies and processes of the firm,

  • Supports the development and understanding of the organization’s critical sources of business,

  • Access client, contact and matter information in real time from your desktop or the world wide web in a fully secured environment,

  • Enable the execution of potential legal and /or business conflicts,

  • Invoke effective practice management models,

  • Use intuitive time tracking and calendaring options including MS-Office, iPad, tablets and other hand-held devices,

  • Optimize e-banking productivity,

  • Improve invoicing and collection processes for effective cash flow and client relationship management,

  • Implement enhanced workflows for improved operations at every organizational level,

  • Enable useful human resources policies

  • Access a complete marketing and event management system,

  • Provide proficient and cost-effective financial accounting as well as costing models and

  • Access real-time data through a fully integrated reporting system.

Acumin enables law firms to become more productive, profitable and competitive. Enterprise-specific by design, Acumin allows for the deployment of a completely integrated and innovative ERP solution that is adaptable to each firm’s business objectives, culture and specific user requirements.



Acumin provides an intuitive and efficient approach to data entry and resource management using standard MS-Windows® functionality to support comprehensive practice management and time entry models.  This encourages users to capture key information regardless of their workspace. Employ the many tools designed to facilitate data management, enabling “Firm” focus on professional services rendered rather than of data administration requirements.

Improve the firm’s ROI by providing clarity into matter status and profitability models regardless of profit center accounting requirements. Effectively capture the time spent and disbursements incurred on the client’s behalf while managing allocated resources.  Increase the utilization of professional teams by improving the access to detailed metrics for in-depth analysis. These small changes in productivity and workload levels lead to significant improvements to the bottom line.

  • Web  based features to view, record, verify track time wisely,

  • Capture time, record your activities, add case notes to files or trigger new tasks without the need to change your screen,

  • Electronically review, modify or edit your matter drafts or quick edit, modification or write-offs,  

  • File expenses, enter time and approve file openings for conflicts.

  • Monitor and track your desktop activities and re-build your daily timesheet.  Easily review, edit, manage and assign these items to the applicable client/matter files seamlessly.

  • View key measures and metrics in real time with easy to read dashboards, all supported with the lowest level of detail for complete reporting transparency

  • Manage contacts, referrals and prospects.

  • Control business processes, user requests and the granting of approvals – all within one system.



Acumin includes a powerful and feature-rich search engine for quick and meaningful search results with drill-down capability. Potential legal or business conflict results are stored on a cumulative basis for future referencing thus eliminating unnecessary printing and reducing physical storage requirements.

Acumin also provides the firm with a provision to comply with your mandated “Client Verification” rules.  This allows for firms to perform the due diligence that must be performed to identify their clients and ascertain and store relevant information pertinent to doing financial business. 



Acumin’s Workflow Suite is a seamlessly integrated solution designed to manage the complete lifecycle of key business processes. With its holistic approach, Acumin empowers people in an organization to drive process automation and continuous improvement. Each element in the suite is designed to meet the specific needs of stakeholders including management, process owners, IT teams and business analysts.

Acumin Workflow suite is based on a set of components, designed to provide the firm with the tools to model, automate, manage and optimize key business processes.  Acumin combines its unparalleled business process tools with best practices that support both the firm’s enterprise-wide process improvement strategy and the need to optimize the daily workflow of users.



Improve performance management by generating meaningful financial data, reports and dashboards. Automatically distribute information to specific individuals. Access hundreds of the most commonly requested management reports used by successful law firms. Build complex budgets with financial forecasting capabilities.  Streamline reporting efficiencies with dynamic electronic reporting capabilities. Acumin is a completely integrated and powerful financial and practice management solution.



Acumin offers the level of flexibility required for law firms and professional organizations. Bill fixed-price projects, bill by percentage completed, bill flat fee, member rates or any combination.  Paper, eBilling, electronic or to email is available with a click of the mouse.  Entries are based on the actual timesheets with anticipated expenses and /or vendor invoices inputted into the system.  Eliminate bottlenecks, improve efficiency and reduce billing cycles.



Acumin includes a myriad of features and options for the efficient and effective management of revenue and expenses.  Acumin takes the anxiety out of data entry, reconciliation and processing.  Manage the firm’s cash flow with on-demand checks, multi-check runs, billing of disbursements to clients, trust account ledgers and reports.  Utilize multiple bank accounts with different currencies and allow the reconciliation of all operating and trust accounts. View cash balances and account activity to see where resources are needed. In addition, offices and users have full control of processes in which they capture information and the manner in which the invoice details are presented to their clients.  This optimizes docket-to-collection cycles and recovery of time and disbursements.



Acumin provides users one “portal” through which a variety of languages users can pass and achieve the same results.  Users clarify the language they would like to use, choosing from a menu.  Then, the rest of the user’s experience with Acumin is entirely based in his or her language.  Currently, Acumin offers English, French, German and Spanish, with additional languages coming on board as required.



Acumin includes automated general and trust accounting functionality for high production level activity. With a “best-of” approach security, chart of accounts design and financial statement models, users will be able to easily navigate through the requirements of multi-office, multiple base rate, and multi-currency profit-center accounting.  Easily apply foreign currency models including multiple foreign currency base rates, use standard templates for recurring production-based accounting operations and analyze financial transactions for timely and cost-effective decision making.



Acumin CRM Suite is a fully integrated component that supports the full range of law firm business development, marketing, and client service needs. All within Acumin, users can store and track information on relevant relationships for a comprehensive approach to person and contact management.

  • Track contacts, vendors and referral sources and clients details all on the same database.

  • Implement “best practice” automated CRM processes and engages your clients, contacts and prospects.

  • Use important dates and client notes for an interactive, client-centered approach.

  • Invoke effective operational tasks leveraging person and firm information for optimum results.

  • Manage and launch emails directly within Acumin using firm newsletters, email blasts and marketing campaigns.

  • Plan and manage individual, practice group, office and firm-wide marketing tasks and events while successfully evaluating their cost-benefit and final outcome.



The highly configurable platform of Acumin provides a variety of built-in capabilities including workflow, collaboration, reporting, security, hierarchies, image attachments, multi-currency and multi-language support.  These tools, in combination with the Acumin services architecture, offer several key advantages: the entire solution has one consistent look and feel, shares a common set of services, and provides a highly scalable foundation. The result is a reliable, stable and consistent solution that helps firms.



Selecting a partner is never an easy task.  We at Dexco feel that when you consider partnering with any provider, they should help you plan, deploy, and optimize your complex set business process objectives.

With that in mind, the choice is clear:  Dexco professionals will collaborate with your team to roll out your Acumin solution better and more effectively than any other provider.

This way you can realize your objectives; On time and on a budget – Guaranteed.

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