Established in 1974; Dexco – a wholly owned privately funded Canadian company – has been in business for more than 40 years and remains a leading global provider of law-firm specific ERP solutions and related services. Using a best-in-class approach to technology, our business model offers our client base continued ingenuity, exclusivity, and reliability of our products and services, supporting a powerful database platform for a comprehensive and effective solution. This industry-specific harmonization of both product and services optimize the implementation of emerging technologies as well as business trends for a growing client base spanning across Europe, North America, Central America and the Caribbean. The result is that our clients view their own success story as not dependent on what has already been achieved but on what the future holds possible. 

Our commitment to client satisfaction has created a focused, driven organization with a reputation for quality, delivery, and service. Encouraging and seizing every opportunity for improvement and business clarity, Dexco’s long-term success is in our commitment to research and development in technology, use-case application, industry trends and end-user behavior – as well as the employment of relevant process optimization and reporting models.  This roadmap to success is transferred to the service model making the consulting service arm a strong and integrated component of  Dexco’s deliverables.

Dexco is comprised of a team of experts with decades of experience working with some of the most forward-thinking professional firms in the industry. Focusing on industry “Best Practice” recommendations, this highly mobilized team of service professionals provide a “best-in-class” industry-leading and client-centric service model.  The end result is that our clients realize significant process improvements and effective decision making, attaining the goals outlined in the project’s charter on time and on budget.

Designed to support the evolving needs and workflows required for the business of law, our innovative solutions and services have provided our clients with the ability to develop their core competitive advantage. This process has helped cut our clients’ average production times in half, provided its decision makers with business insight for fruitful and timely decision making, enhanced the end-user experience for a more satisfied team structure, and optimized opportunities for successful client relationship building resulting in increased organizational profitability.  In addition, Dexco formalizes ongoing client participation through the service deliverable, offering a model for continuous growth, efficiency, and constructive dialogue.

Headquartered in Montreal, the company maintains a sales and support office in Zurich.

For immediate contact, please call toll-free at 800-349-7371 or email us at