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Automated Workflow and Process Management


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workflow Management

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Create and use unique Workflow models that meet specific requirements of your Firm

Acumin provides a powerful workflow management feature capable of managing critical automated business processes. Acumin Workflow is designed to easily allow authorized users to automate the organization's existing manual processes, without changing the way people do their job.  Using an intuitive and user-friendly "Process Modeller", it allows users to graphically model acceptance, review, revision or denial processes with automatic routing and results monitoring.  This is achieved without requiring third party applications, complicated software development and integration or advanced IT resources.  Acumin takes advantage of IIS server technology so as to not to expose firms to any unnecessary risks.

Acumin’s embedded workflow engine allows documents, forms and tasks to be automatically routed in accordance with pre-defined business process rules designed and modeled directly in the system. Acumin’s workflow aligns business processes with the goals and capabilities of the people and applications involved.


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Automated workflows and ad hoc collaboration capabilities are built into the system so users can share information at
critical junctures and ensure compliance with management directives.

workflow schemas

  • General Check Payment requests,
  • Trust Investments, Payment Requests, Transfers and Redemptions,
  • Electronic Draft and Pro-Forma Invoicing Review, Editing and Approval,
  • Client / Matter Opening and Conflict of Interest,
  • Expense Report Submission, Review, Approval and Processing,
  • General or Trust Deposit Requests, and 
  • Leave, Vacation and other Requests. 

The Workflow management system integrates with existing user directories (e.g. Active Directory, LDAP), allowing users and groups to be assigned as participants in an automated process. Users assigned workflow tasks are automatically notified via email and presented with a concise and easy-to-understand web page relevant to the task or activity requested. Users do not require specific knowledge of the overall process because requests are automatically routed to the appropriate users as tasks completed.

Integration rules engines enable business analysts to define rules and conditions that control the routing and the assignment of users.


key benefits of automated workflow management

  • Speeds Internal Routing Processes: Reduces paper handling and manual routing, eliminates errors and reduces the lifecycle of the document, content and forms processing.
  • Automates Business Processes: Acumin’s workflow engine automates business processes by giving users easy-to-use workflow tools. The workflow engine allows existing processes to be mapped into powerful, predefined workflows. A graphical workflow builder and workflow reporter gives firms control over their workflows, without requiring IT assistance.
  • Shortens Projects. Reducing Bill-to-collected time is critical for all firms. Business process automation and tracking accelerates the approval of internal requests and approvals. All team members can simultaneously perform tasks as part of the workflow process. Automatic email notifications alert team members when a task is assigned to them - or if they are in jeopardy of missing a deadline or due date.
  • Eliminates Error and Miscommunication: ensures process consistency by eliminating errors and productivity problems due to lost or mishandles requests. Predefined workflow definitions guarantee that the same process is followed for each project or request. Acumin provides efficient tracking, management and reporting of all processes.


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